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Large-Format Printing

Triton Print & Digital Media can produce high-quality color or black-and-white banners, signs and displays from scanned materials or digital files.

large-format printing

Create your artwork, or let us create it for you.

If you need design assistance, contact Customer Service, (858) 534-3020. Triton Print & Digital Media offers these design and graphics services:

  • Complete design service or consultation
  • Art and photo scanning
  • File preparation

Select vivid photo or Latex ink and the printing substrate that best suits your needs.

Vivid photo inks produce bright, high-detail photographic quality images on the following substrates and may be used outdoors with limited weather and sun exposure:

  • 50-pound bond is a heavyweight, bright white paper and an excellent choice for indoor posters and signs.
  • Photo papers in either satin or gloss finish make photos pop. Recommended for interior use.
  • Backlit film for photo-quality images, used in indoor or outdoor sealed boxes.
  • Cotton canvas is an ideal choice for art reproduction.
  • Polypropylene is an excellent and economical choice for one-time indoor or outdoor presentations. It cannot be mounted or laminated.
  • Adhesive vinyl can be repositioned.
  • Scrim vinyl is a waterproof material suitable for large, hanging banners for outdoor use.
  • Tyvek is a durable medium that can be used indoors or outdoors. It stands up to repeated, prolonged use.

Water-based latex inks produce bright, durable, and flexible POP displays, soft signage, vehicle signage, and more. Create long-lasting outdoor signage (3 years unlaminated, 5 years laminated) on the following substrates:

  • Heavy weight coated paper
  • Satin and photo-realistic poster paper
  • Matte polypropylene
  • Reinforced banner (available in double-sided format by special order)
  • Scrim banner
  • Light and heavy weight textile display banner
  • Tyvek
  • Satin canvas
  • Available by special order (additional 5-7 day turnaround time; Triton Print & Digital Media does not install):
    • Adhesive gloss or matte vinyl
    • Perforated adhesive window vinyl
    • Backlit film
    • Wall paper
    • Vehicle wrap material

Choose your finished size.

The maximum size for posters, banners, and signs is 60 inches by 129 inches.

Choose a finishing option.

Select the finishing option based on how you’ll use the document. For example:

  • Laminating provides durability and protection from the elements. Cannot be used with polypropylene or Tyvek.
  • Grommeting creates finished holes for hanging banners and signs. We include 4 grommets with each banner per your request.
  • Mounting on foam core or gator board provides rigidity for standing displays and exhibits.

Rent or buy a banner stand.

A retractable banner stand makes carrying and displaying a banner easy.

Our standard banner stand is 31.5 inches wide, and will hold banners up to 91 inches long. You can purchase one for $133.76 or rent one at the rates shown below.

If we print your banner at the same time the stand is rented:

  • The rental rate for the banner stand is $7.50 per day or $30 for 5 calendar days.
  • We will deliver your banner preloaded in the stand.
To rent a stand for a banner you provide:
  • The rental rate for the banner stand is $15 per day or $50 for 5 calendar days
  • Your banner will not be preloaded by Imprints.
Contact us for additional sizes and rates.

Place your order.

Visit PrintConnection or download an order form (PDF) and submit to Imprints.


Contact a Triton Print & Digital Media expert.