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How to Track a Package From an Outside Vendor

If you want to track the progress of your package during the delivery process, follow the instructions below.

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1. Get the name of the carrier and the tracking number for your package.

Contact the vendor and get the following information for your package:

  • Name of the carrier (a company that transports goods)
  • Tracking number

Note: If you are not able to get this information, call UCSD Receiving at (858) 534-6238.

2. Check the tracking number on the carrier

After you obtain the tracking number and the name of the carrier, go to the carrier's Web site and follow the tracking instructions:

If you don't find your carrier on this list, call UCSD Receiving at (858) 534-6238. If you can't find your package on the carrier's website, contact your vendor.

3. Contact UCSD Receiving.

When you know your package was delivered to UCSD Receiving:

  1. Contact Receiving through ASK (login required) or (858) 534-6238.
  2. Give the receiver the tracking number and the purchase order number for your package.
  3. The receiver will confirm that your package was received and when you can expect delivery.

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