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How to Process a Lost Package or Shipment

Find out what to do if your package or shipment is lost.

If your package or shipment is lost, first determine what type of shipment it is from the list below.

  • Incoming: items sent to you and coming through UCSD Receiving
  • Outgoing: items sent by you and going out from UCSD Shipping

After you determine the type of shipment, see the appropriate set of instructions below.

Note: There are often critical time limits for reporting a lost package or shipment. Report any lost package immediately.

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Contact Receiving immediately at (858) 534-6238.

  • Provide the following information to Receiving:
    • Your name
    • Department name
    • Department location
    • Name of company that sent the package
    • Carrier used
    • Any tracking or airbill numbers
    • Date the item was shipped
    • Purchase order number
  • Receiving will:
    • Locate the item by tracing it either with the carrier or within the Receiving system.
    • File a claim if the item isn't found, then send compensation to your department after the claim is settled.
    • File a claim with UCSD Risk Management if the claim is denied.
  • Questions? Contact Receiving and Distribution through ASK or (858) 534-6238.


Contact Shipping immediately at (858) 534-5737 or ASK (login required)

  • Provide the following information to Shipping:
    • Shipping memo number
    • Shipment date
  • Shipping will:
    • Call the carrier and place a trace on the item.
    • File a claim with the carrier if the item can't be found.
    • Upon conclusion of the claim, forward a claim report to UCSD Risk Management.
  • Risk Management will contact your department and the person who authorized the shipment.
  • Questions? Contact Shipping through ASK (login required) or (858) 534-7467, Ext. 244.

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