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Large Freight Delivery

See the information UCSD Receiving needs to deliver large freight shipments.

When your large freight shipment, such as office furniture and equipment, arrives at UCSD Receiving, the receiver will contact you and make arrangements for delivery.

UCSD Receiving needs the following information to deliver a large freight shipment to your department:

  • Delivery location
  • Name of contact person
  • Phone number of contact person

Receiving can make arrangements with UCSD Moving Services if:

  • Your shipment needs to be uncrated or assembled
  • You need to move furniture and other equipment to make room for the large shipment
    • Moving Services provides these services at an additional cost charged to your index. To estimate your costs, see Moving Service Charges.

Note: Receiving does not provide storage for large freight shipments. Make sure you are ready to receive your package before delivery.