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Values for Learning and Professional Development

The UC San Diego Values for Learning and Professional Development is a collaboratively developed statement, issued by the chancellor, that conveys UC San Diego's commitment to learning and professional development.

The official text follows:

UC San Diego Values for Learning and Professional Development

In order to attract and retain an excellent staff, we strive to create the best possible learning opportunities, training tools and resources. As stated in the UC San Diego Principles of Community, we value each member of our learning community for his or her unique talents and recognize that each individual's effort is vital to achieving the overall goals of the university.

UC San Diego's commitment to fostering a learning community for faculty and staff is reflected in these values. UC San Diego faculty and staff are expected to practice these values in their interactions.

  • We value skilled, highly productive and technologically proficient staff.
  • We are committed to a partnership between the UC San Diego community and each individual where learning is essential to success and the individual is dedicated to continually improving in knowledge and expertise.
  • We encourage staff to seek roles and responsibilities that enable development of their leadership potential through formal and informal training methods and mentorships.
  • We support fair and reasonable access to learning and professional development at all levels of the UC San Diego organization.
  • We encourage innovation and risk taking by promoting learning as a catalyst for new ideas and creative problem solving.
  • We are committed to supervisors and staff members jointly identifying and aligning performance expectations and goals.
  • We support diverse learning styles by offering a flexible mix of training methods.

By recognizing initiative, we strive to create a culture of learning and appreciation of the contributions that staff continually make to the organization.*

*These values are enforced through existing policies. To the extent that any information presented in this document is interpreted as being in conflict with University policies, procedures, or applicable collective bargaining agreements, the terms of those University policies, procedures and agreements shall govern.


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