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360 Toolkit

The 360 Toolkit is designed for managers interested in learning about using a 360.

What is a 360?

A 360-Degree feedback usually refers to a report that is generated from an online survey questionnaire containing measured rating scales that prompt the employee, manager, peers, and direct reports to evaluate the employee's workplace competencies. The feedback is anonymized and compiled into a report that belongs to the employee. 

The employee does not have to share the report with the supervisor, but it is commonplace for them to discuss the consistently identified strengths and opportunities. This is done in order to draft a professional development and career plan that plots the activities and projects over the next 8-12 months that can enhance the employee's natural leadership traits and mitigate some areas of development in a way that's positive and productive.

Navigate a 360

The 360 Toolkit is designed for managers. It outlines the process to use a 360 and includes a series of resources that help a manager determine whether a 360 is the appropriate tool. It includes step-by-step instructions, information about how to purchase a 360, and communication templates throughout the process.

Ask yourself these 3 questions. 


The 360 is one of the most used - and misused - tools of performance management and coaching. Uses of a 360: Appropriate and Inappropriate will help you reflect on your reasons for using a 360; review the "appropritate" and "inappropriate" columns to understand what motivates you.
Note: If there is any reason from the "inappropriate" column, please contact to schedule a 30-minute consultation. Otherwise, consider learning more about the Pros and Cons of a 360.


Step 2: How I purchase a 360?

The department is responsible for purchasing the 360. Check with your department head for funding availability. To help you with choosing a vendor for the 360, use the the Vendor Quick Guide for a side-by-side comparison of two vendor options. UC San Diego collaborates with external vendors specialized in providing the online 360 feedback assessment tool.

 3. How do I administer a 360?

After selecting a 360 vendor, use the 7 Key Steps to Administer to review the overall process of administering a 360. Each of the seven steps will help you understand the approximate time commitment, an overview of responsibilities, and communication templates that you can use throughout the process.

Additional Resources

  • Pros and Cons of 360: Learn about the most widely-recognized benefits and pitfalls of using the 360
  • Communication Templates: A comprehensive guide with a timeline and sample messages that can be used throughout the 360 process
  • High-Level Overview: Learn about the people, systems, and tools involved in the process and the anticipated output of this process to serve the employee