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Parental Mental Health

Explore mental health and wellbeing resources for parents.

Parenting could easily be described as one of the most challenging of human experiences and can vary for each family depending on multiple factors. While we hope you are able to find moments of delight in parenting, we also understand that parenting presents us with a rollercoaster of emotions: fulfillment, exhaustion, joy, anger and frustration are all normal reactions and we hope you will reach out for support if needed. The UC San Diego Campus Faculty & Staff Assistance Program (FSAP) is here for you, and your co-parent if you have one. Our licensed counselors provide individual, couples’ and group therapy for every stage of adult life, and can help you find many local resources.

Below you will find a list of resources such as articles, books, and websites. Please explore this list at your leisure and consider reaching out to a trusted medical provider, therapist or one of the Faculty and Staff Assistance program counselors if needed, as these resources are not a substitute for professional assistance.

Wishing you and your family all the best.

General Parenting Articles

Parenting Through Divorce

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Books for Parents

book cover for The Attachment Connection



The Attachment Connection (Ruth Newton): Explains the science behind parent-child attachment and provides concrete examples on how paying attention to the emotional needs of your child at each of the various developmental stages (particularly during the first five years of development) cultivates confidence and security.

book cover for The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting



The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting (Brene Brown): "It's actually our ability to embrace imperfection that will help us teach our children to have the courage to be authentic, the compassion to love themselves and others, and the sense of connection that gives true purpose and meaning to life," states Dr. Brown. The Gifts of Imperfect Parenting is a practical and hopeful guide to raising children who know that they are worthy of love, belonging, and joy.


book cover for The Whole Brain child


The Whole Brain Child (Dan Siegel): Research and science-backed, age-appropriate strategies for dealing with day-to-day struggles based on age & developmental level. The Whole-Brain Child shows you how to navigate common behaviors to cultivate healthy emotional and intellectual development so that your children can lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives.

book cover for Parenting from the Inside Out



Parenting from the Inside Out (Dan Siegel): Understand the foundations of neurobiology and attachment research. This book explains how interpersonal relationships directly impact the development of the brain, and offers parents a step-by-step approach to forming a deeper understanding of their own life stories, which will help them raise compassionate and resilient children.

book cover for No Drama Discipline



No Drama Discipline (Dan Siegel): Concrete, developmentally-based strategies designed to help you work with your child to peacefully resolve conflicts, inspire happiness and strengthen resilience in everyone in the family.

book cover for The Conscious Parent



The Conscious Parent (Shefali Tsabary): An opportunity for parents seeking a non-traditional approach to connect with their children to look in the mirror and question the foundational beliefs affecting their parenting. This book encourages parents to “find their way back to their essence,” and shift away from the traditional parent-to-child "know it all" approach and more towards a mutual parent-with-child relationship.


book cover mindsight


Mindsight (Dan Siegel):  Learn the science behind rewiring the brain and practical strategies to practice how to focus your attention on the internal world of the mind in a way that will literally change the architecture of your brain.

 Books for Kids

book cover for Breath With Me


Breathe With Me (Miriam Gates): A super simple introduction on how to navigate through difficult emotions by breathing.


book cover for Moody Cow Meditates


Moody Cow Meditates (Kerry Lee MacLean): Introduction on how mindfulness and meditation can help with moods and thoughts.


book cover for kindness starts with you


Kindness Starts with You (Jacquelyn Stagg): Follow Maddy through her day at school, where your child will learn how easy it can be to spread kindness! From taking turns on the swing to including everyone in the game - this storybook shows that no act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted!


book cover for my strong mind


My Strong Mind (Niels Van Hove): Teach children about Confidence, Resilience and a Growth Mindset. With My Strong Mind, children will be introduced to mental strength and learn social skills and techniques to develop their own strong mind.


book cover for Tiger Tiger Is It True


Tiger-Tiger, Is It True? (Byron Katie): Introduction to questioning stressful thoughts & feelings as well as looking for evidence that we are ok & loved.