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COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard

Learn more about the role of supervisors and local Human Resources representatives in ensuring compliance with the UC vaccine policy for campus employees at UC San Diego.

As part of UC San Diego’s efforts to ensure compliance with the University of California COVID-19 Policy, campus supervisors have access to a dashboard that allows them to view compliance with the mandate among employees (including academics), volunteers, and others (as documented in UCPath) they directly supervise. Learn more about the UC vaccine mandate, including how to submit proof of vaccination.

The dashboard does not contain any medical information, but rather indicates whether an individual is Compliant, Compliant with potential additional requirements or Not Compliant. Critical to this compliance process is accurate Work Location Status documentation. If you have not updated your Work Location Status since July 2021, please do so immediately, and each time your Work Location Status changes. Learn more about the Work Location Status form.

Read frequently asked questions for employees and supervisors about the UC vaccine policy and the compliance dashboard.

Technical Prerequisites for Accessing the Dashboard:

  • You must have DUO Two-Step Log In enabled.
  • If you are not accessing the dashboard from a UC San Diego worksite, you must be logged on to the campus VPN.
  • Log in using your Active Directory credentials (excluding the suffix from your username).

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Contact Health Human Resources for guidance and information.

How to Use the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard (for Supervisors)

  1. Log in to the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard using your Active Directory credentials, without the suffix for your username.   
    • To log in to the dashboard, you must either access it from a UC San Diego worksite or log on to the VPN.

  2. Review the list of individuals you supervise. This list is generated using the “reports to” field in UCPath. The following information will display for each individual listed:
    • Name
    • Supervisor
    • Work location status
    • All employees are required to submit the Work Location Status form, which collects employee work schedules and locations (including remote work). If you notice that an employee has not updated their work location status form since July 2021, please direct them to do so. Learn more about the Work Location Status form.
    • Date and status of most recent symptom screening
    • COVID-19 Policy Compliance Status: 
      • Compliant (Green): The employee has appropriately engaged with the process. No further action is required.
      • Compliant* (Purple): The employee has appropriately engaged with the process.No further action is required.
      • Compliant+ (Blue): The employee is never expected on UC San Diego property and is therefore not subject to the COVID Vaccine Mandate. If this is inaccurate, please work with your HR contact to have this designation changed.
      • Not Compliant (Red): The employee may not have engaged with the process altogether or may be missing a compliance step like testing. BEFORE communicating with an individual who appears Not Compliant, reach out to your local HR to determine if any action is required.
      • As of November 2022, testing requirements have changed. Please see the Campus Covid-19 Testing Program.

  3. For individuals who display as Compliant, no action is required.

  4. For individuals who display as Not Compliant, starting September 13, 2021, reach out to your local Human Resources contact (see the list below) who will determine the nature of the non-compliance and provide guidance about next steps.
    • Local Human Resources contacts should reach out to the VC Level HR contact if they have not received guidance.


Vaccine Mandate Information in Spanish

If you are a supervisor and you identify Non-Compliant employees on your dashboard who speak Spanish as their primary language, please provide them with these translated instructions for engaging with the UC vaccine mandate.

If employees do not work primarily at a desk with a computer, we encourage you to set up a computer station in a common area where employees can take action to engage with the vaccine policy.

Vaccine Mandate Compliance for Volunteers

Volunteers are considered “Personnel” and are also subject to the University of California COVID-19 Policy, with no exemptions or deferrals allowed locally. All staff volunteers active as of September 1, 2021 have been centrally uploaded into UCPath as Contingent Workers (CWRs). This inclusion in the UCPath population will allow them to be displayed in the COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Compliance Dashboard.

Going forward, departments are responsible for uploading all new staff volunteers into UCPath as Contingent Workers (CWRs) and ensuring their compliance with the vaccine mandate using the dashboard. All volunteers must display as Compliant as of October 11, 2021 to be onsite.

Departments should build in at least a 3-4 week timeline before a staff volunteer can start onsite to account for UCPath processing and setting up an AD account. This will give the staff volunteer the time to enter their information and consent into MyChart, and having it reflect them as compliant on the dashboard.

  • For assistance in completing CWR transactions in UCPath, UCPC Job Aids with step-by-step instructions are available. Find the Job Aids by going to the UCPC Transactors Help Site and typing CWR in the search box. We also recommend reviewing our local Quick Reference: Understanding Contingent Workers.
  • Please note: you must enter a Date of Birth for the volunteer in order for the dashboard to sync with data to display the volunteer as compliant. We recommend entering as much information as possible for volunteers, including: Name, DOB, Gender, address, email, phone, SSN.  The more/better information entered, the less likely we would run into duplicate record creation for the dashboard.
  • REMEMBER: CWRs do NOT need a position unless they are officially supervising employees. CWRs DO need data in the "Reports To" field for vaccine tracking compliance.

Any questions related to Staff CWR policies and guidelines should be directed to the Records division within Human Resources at

Local Human Resources Representatives


Academic Affairs

  • Visit this webpage to find your primary HR contact.
  • Log in using single sign-on and filter by VC Area, Unit and/or by Role. Supervisors should first attempt to correspond with the unit's Primary HR Contact. In the rare event there is no Primary HR Contact listed, contact the Alternate HR Contact listed.

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*Academic Appointees Contact – Catherine Schumacher,

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