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Commitment to Workplace Safety

Find out more about workplace safety expectations and reporting resources.

UC San Diego is committed to maintaining a safe workplace and academic community free from threats and/or acts of intimidation and violence. Such behavior may not only be a violation of University expectations or policies, but may also be prohibited by law. When faced with such situations, UC San Diego is committed to taking appropriate remedial action to protect employees and students and ensure public safety.

For example, UC San Diego prohibits:

  • Acts of intimidation, through either physical or verbal conduct, including electronic communication (e.g., email, social media), causing someone to reasonably fear for their safety or the safety of others;
  • Actual and/or threatened violence against co-workers, students, visitors, or any other persons who are either on site or have contact with University personnel in the course of their duties;
  • Reckless or intentional disregard for the physical safety or well-being of others by putting individuals at risk of being injured; or, 
  • Unlawfully damaging or threatening to damage another’s property while on the UC San Diego campus or at any other location operated by UC San Diego.

If you see something, say something. 

Every member of the UC San Diego community shares responsibility for creating and maintaining a civil and respectful workplace, free of all forms of threatening or violent behaviors. Any UC San Diego employee who is the subject of, or a witness to, such behavior is strongly urged to report the violation or incident to the next-in-line supervisor who is not a party to the violation or incident and/or to the UC San Diego Police Department.

Any emergency or suspected criminal conduct should be immediately reported to the UC San Diego Police Department (858) 534-HELP or 911.

Any supervisor, manager, or administrator who receives a report of intimidation, threats, or acts of violence shall consult with the appropriate administrative offices to investigate, and, when appropriate, correct the problem. Resources available to assist with investigation and determining appropriate action include Human Resources Employee Relations for staff, Academic Employee Relations for faculty, and the Provost and/or Dean of Student Affairs for students. Also, the Behavioral Threat Assessment & Management Team may be contacted for advice and consultation.

No employee shall be retaliated against in their employment for truthfully reporting perceived intimidation, threats or acts of violence.

For more information, contact Employee Relations or the UC San Diego Police Department.