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Facilities Information System Overview

Find out about the Facilities Information System (FIS) website, which offers access to UCSD building information, space inventories, maps, and more.

The Facilities Information System is Campus Planning's secure system and requires a valid username and password. To request access, see Apply for New Account.

The sections within the Facilities Information System include:

  • Campus maps: Zoom and download maps of UC San Diego, including aerial photography, accurate CAD geometry, parking, and planning maps including Scripps Institution of Oceanography (SIO) and Hillcrest Medical Center.
  • Neighborhoods: Browse more than 20 UCSD neighborhoods. See building lists, topographic and infrastructural drawings, and more.
  • Building pages: Browse building home pages of over 700 UCSD buildings. View space inventories, floor plans, construction drawings, and more.
  • Department pages: Find room inventories for more than 550 UCSD departments and organizational units.
  • Room use pages: Access square footage totals and detailed listings grouped under more than 100 different types of assignable rooms.
  • Space inventory: View and edit space inventory details and aggregates of UCSD buildings, rooms, and departments.
  • Online Plan Room: View archive of construction and renovation project plan sets and as-built record drawings.
  • CAD plans: See an archive of master plans and downloadable drawings.
  • Space reports: View reports on OMP eligibility, instructional space, functional use, and Garamendi space.