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Surplus Sales Overview

UCSD Surplus Sales serves as an outlet to dispose of used, excess UCSD property. Read about buying items from Surplus Sales or sending items to Surplus Sales.

Buying items

UCSD departments, staff, and the general public can purchase surplus items at Surplus Sales. If you want to buy items from Surplus Sales, be sure to read the notice at the bottom of this page and check these resources:


Shoppers are encouraged to view the items at the Surplus Sales facility:

  • Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Important: All surplus items are used, not new, and sold "as is, where is" with no warranty. All sales are final.

Disposing of items

UCSD departments can dispose of excess university property at Surplus Sales. If you want to send property to Surplus Sales, check these resources:

Departments may receive 65%–75% of the proceeds for items sold for $100 or more.

See How to Check a Credit for Property Sold at Surplus Sales


The UCSD Surplus Sales facility is located at 7835 Trade St., San Diego, behind Suite 100 at the northeast corner of the building. For detailed directions and a map, see Surplus Sales Location and Directions.

Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/surplussales

Notice: UC San Diego employees may buy items from Surplus Sales for personal use. Exceptions: 1) UC San Diego employees who determined the property was excess and requested that it be transferred to Surplus Sales, or near relatives of those employees, may not purchase the item excessed. 2) Employees that report to or near relatives of the UC San Diego Equipment Administrator (Jamie Wheat) and Surplus Administrator (Steve Van Duine) may not purchase any items. A "near relative” includes a spouse, mother, father, child, or sibling, and step-relatives or in-laws in the same relationships.