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Background Check Forms for Campus & Health Sciences

Find information and link to forms required for completing background checks on prospective employees.

Hiring Department: Upon receipt of a completed report from the Consumer Reporting Agency, an e-mail report will be sent to the HR Contact. You may make an offer of employment pending a satisfactory background check, but the prospective employee may not start until the report is verified and cleared by the Human Resources Department.

Note: If you can't access a form, try this: Right-click the link, select Open in New Window, and print from your browser. You can also change your security settings.

Background check form More information
Background Check Instructions (PDF) Provides detailed instructions on how to place your background check order.

Note: Review this information before you select any background check form.

Release Form (PDF) The person whose background is being checked must complete and sign this form.

This form must accompany the Consumer Report Request form and/or the Live Scan Request form.
Description of Consumer Report Request Services (PDF) This document provides information about consumer report background check services UCSD obtains through HireRight.
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Summary (PDF) This document must be presented to the applicant at the time the individual is requested to complete the Consumer Report Request form.
Consumer Report Request Form (PDF) This form is required to conduct a consumer report background check through HireRight, Inc. including:
  • Criminal records
  • Driving record
  • Social Security number trace
  • Education verification
  • Employment verification
This check returns results dating back 7 years.
Live Scan Request Form (PDF) This form is required to conduct a Department of Justice (DOJ) and/or Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) background check.

The Live Scan provides criminal records reported to the DOJ or FBI databases dating back as far as records are available.

This is a fillable form. Use right click > Save as ... to save this form to your computer and use the fillable feature.

For questions about consumer reporting agency or DOJ/ FBI checks, contact Molly Allen (858) 822-7480.
For questions about hiring forms, contact