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Facilities Management Contacts

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Customer Relations and Service Requests

Building alterations, repairs, maintenance, cleaning, landscaping, sign fabrication or special refuse pickup requests
Online Work Request or Customer Relations help desk, (858) 534-2930, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays 

Billing inquiries
wsc@ucsd.edu or (858) 534-2930

If you have a concern or complaint about how we handled any request, contact the Customer Relations manager, (858) 534-0317, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays.

Building Operations

James Reader, Lock Shop Superintendent 
(858) 534-3970

Jose Moret, Zone Maintenance Shops Superintendent 
(858) 534-3350

Mark Jurgens, Trade Shops Superintendent
(858) 534-8335

Campus Research Machine Shop

Luke A. Arnold, Shop Supervisor
(858) 534-2910

Billing/Recharge inquiries
Jo-Ann Munno, (858) 534-2912

Central Utilities Plant

CU/Cogeneration Plant Manager 
Timothy Schulz, (858) 534-6628

Control Room (emergencies only) 
(858) 534-3250

Cleaning Services

Yvonne Haywood-Cole, (858) 534-9649

Greg Depeder, (858) 822-5598

Fleet Services

General information, vehicle rental and electronic fuel keys
Contact Jaegan Ayoub, (858) 534-3485

Vehicle leasing and procurement
Dennis Bell, Operations Manager, (858) 534-8848

Campus vehicle maintenance and repairs
Jordan Eiler, (858) 534-8410

UC San Diego vehicle emergencies, accidents or incidents

  • 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays: (858) 534-3485
  • After hours: Call the UC San Diego Police Dispatcher, (858) 534-4357. Be prepared to provide detailed information so the on-call fleet services personnel can assess the situation.  

Landscape Services

East Campus landscaping (east of Ridge Walk), campuswide tree trimming and vegetation managementMichael D. Hogan, Superintendent/Urban Forester, (858) 822-6461

West Campus landscaping (west of Ridge Walk), SIO and parking structure sweeping and steam cleaning
Andre Leon, Superintendent, (858) 822-5052

Housing and dining facilities landscaping and outdoor pest management
Dave Wilkinson, Superintendent, (858) 534-6618

Campus irrigation
David Boggs, Irrigation Supervisor, (858) 282-4483

Outdoor recycling and waste management
Jeffrey Summerhays, Waste Diversion Manager, (858) 246-5394

Turf and hardscape maintenance and construction projects
Greg Snelling, Superintendent, (858) 822-5001

  • Campus landscape design and plan review
  • Mowing and street sweeping
  • Bollard repair
  • Landscape equipment operations

Renovation and Alterations

Facility Accessibility

Building interiors

Exterior pathways and physical access


Jason Kayne, Interim Director, (858) 534-1389

Richard Cota, Building Operations Assistant Director, (858) 822-1061

Harley Crace, Project Management Assistant Director, (858) 534-0309

John Dilliott, Energy & Utilities Manager, (858) 822-2807

Greg Nishihira, Fleet Services Assistant Director, (858) 822-4443

Wendy Schiefer, Work Management Manager, (858) 822-7800

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