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Glacier: Tax Withholding for International Visitors

Learn about Glacier, the system for gathering tax-related information from international visitors receiving payment and/or benefits from UCSD.

What is Glacier?

The Glacier Online Nonresident Tax Compliance System (Glacier) is a system that allows UC San Diego to collect tax-related information from international individuals so that payments may be taxed and reported correctly. Any international visitor receiving payment or benefits through UCPath are required to complete a Glacier record unless he/she is a permanent resident, refugee, asylee, or on DACA status. 

Process overview for UCPath payments

  1. Department completes a Glacier Record Request upon hire or rehire of international employees
  2. Payroll triggers an email from Glacier ( containing a link to the Glacier system, as well as a temporary UserID and password. 
  3. International visitor accesses Glacier online, answers all of the Glacier screens, prints the forms Glacier generates, and signs them.
  4. International visitor redacts SSN, creates a pdf of signed forms and the "required document copies" listed in the bottom right section of their Glacier Tax Summary Report and emails it from their email address to the UCSD Glacier & Taxation Team (
  5. The UCSD Glacier & Taxation Team reviews the pdf and updates UCPath

For International Visitors: 

Find more Glacier and tax information, including Glacier screens, tax treaties, residency for tax purposes, Form 1042-S, and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

For administrative departments

Get instructions and information about your part in the Glacier process. 

Email the UCSD Glacier & Taxation Team for more information.

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