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Research: Audits & Monitoring

Find out about services that can help in the discharge, oversight, and management of your operating responsibilities.

Audit and Management Advisory Services (AMAS) performs a broad variety of internal audits including financial and compliance audits, operational (economy and efficiency) reviews, information systems audits, and integrated audits. These services help administrative officials perform their oversight, management, and operating responsibilities.

Anyone can request an audit

but requests are typically made by vice chancellors, department business officers, and other personnel involved in the campus risk assessment process.

In addition to performing audits, AMAS provides several other services, including:

  • Advisory services such as consultations, problem prevention and resolution, and participation on campus committees and task forces
  • Business process self-assessment (BPSA) program, in which management and work teams review internal controls and assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of business processes
  • External audit oversight, in which AMAS is the official coordinator for all external requests, reviews, and audits — except A-133 and annual campus financial audits, which are coordinated by the Controller — to ensure that campus responses are timely and appropriate
  • Investigative services, in which AMAS conducts or assists in conducting investigations as needed, in response to allegations of possible misuse of University resources. AMAS also manages the campus toll-free hotline.
For information about audit advisory services, contact AMAS, (858) 534-3617.