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How to Enroll in Payroll Direct Deposit

Find out how to enroll in Payroll direct deposit online using UCPath), the UC secure payroll and benefits website.

In the right place? For direct deposit of reimbursements, see How to Enroll in Disbursements Direct Deposit.


UCSD has transitioned to UC Path

To update your benefits information, log on to UCPath to see your own personal dashboard.


To Enroll in direct deposit online, log into UC Path. Go to the Direct Deposit section.

  1. Click Add Account. Then, enter your Banking Information.

  2. In Deposit Information section, select your Deposit Type. Click Save.

  3. Click Save And Continue. Then, check the Authorization box.

  4. Select Submit Changes and click OK

For step-by-step instructions or simulation, go to the UCPath Help site Add Direct Deposit page. Please select See It!, Try It! or Print It!.

Reminder: You can add/update your direct deposit only once per day. This means you can click the Submit Changes button only once per day. Make all direct deposit changes, deletions and additions before you save.

Questions? Visit the Path Rapid Response Center on the main Path page.
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