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Potential Target Campus Store

Learn about the potential Target store for the UC San Diego campus.

Target LogoEarly discussions

Consistent with the Chancellor’s vision to create a more fulfilling and convenient campus experience for students, faculty and staff, and to service the retail needs of the approximately 55,000 people on campus daily, UC San Diego staff is currently in early discussions with Target to bring a small-format Target store to campus.

We welcome feedback from the campus community as we explore this possibility. Contact us at


The potential Target small-format store would go into the second floor of the premises occupied by the Bookstore. The primary entrance would be from Library Walk. No public parking would be provided for the potential Target since it is intended to cater to the campus population.

The Bookstore would consolidate and temporarily re-locate operations to the first (plaza ground level) of the premises occupied by the Bookstore. The interior “donut hole” and stairs between the first and second floor would be removed and sealed.

Estimated timeline

  • Summer of 2019: The Bookstore consolidation and move
  • Prior to the start of Classes in 2020: Potential Target opening date
  • Summer of 2021: The Bookstore moves to a new building/ location

The Bookstore’s new location will be within the new Triton Pavilion, which is still in the planning and design stages. The Triton Pavilion is also anticipated to house many different campus offices including the Welcome Center and Alumni offices as well as other complimentary retail spaces.

About small format Target stores

Target has opened more than 50 small format stores, typically between 15,000-50,000 square feet in size (the Mission Valley Target store is about 198,000 SF for reference) in urban neighborhoods and near college campuses such as UC Berkeley, UC Irvine and USC. Target’s small format campus stores are each unique and provide a curated assortment of products and services tailored to the specific needs and wants of the students, staff and faculty. Typically the customized assortment of goods and services offered trend toward basic daily goods for immediate needs and create a personalized, locally relevant shopping experience.

Typically, customers will find all merchandise categories of a full size store represented such as groceries, grab n’ go foods, health and beauty products, electronics, apparel, household goods, pharmacy, gifts and seasonal products. Additionally, Target would offer pick up of items found on-line or in their larger stores but may not be stocked in the smaller campus store. These stores also accept cartwheel and all Target’s electronic coupons.

UC San Diego staff has held focus groups with undergraduate, graduate, faculty and staff as well as an Open House to gather input on offerings that students, faculty and staff would like to have available. Many small format Target stores include pharmacies and Starbucks. Additional feedback on these potential inclusions is welcome. If a partnership with Target is successful, additional surveys and focus groups will be conducted.

The manager of a Target small format store would closely monitor the store's offerings and is empowered to make changes to the merchandise assortment based on the actual needs of the campus population.

Target would anticipate employing approximately 40 to 60 part-time employees with scheduling focused around a student’s schedule.

Target as a corporate partner

Target is a well-respected corporate partner and is viewed as complimentary to the existing retail offerings on campus.

A UC San Diego Campus Retail Vision and Strategy is in process and indicates that there is more than enough demand for a small format Target. The potential inclusion of Target on campus will not change the status of Amazon as an important campus partner.


Since Target opened its first store in 1962, Target has consistently invested in the health and sustainability of the communities it serves. Today, Target continues to integrate sustainable practices across its business with an eye on using its resources responsibly and maintaining the health of its communities.

Target in the community

With each new store that Target opens, regardless of size, Target brings it's legacy of giving back to the community through the programs and partnerships it supports. Target has given 5% of the company’s profits back to the community since 1946. Today, that totals millions of dollars each week nationwide and more than one million hours of volunteer service annually. In 2017, Target gave over $1.2 million in cash and product donations to its non-profit partners here in the City of San Diego and Target team members volunteered over 14,500 hours in the community.

Learn about Target’s community involvement and social responsibility policy, which embraces many of the issues important to the UC San Diego campus.

Contact with questions and feedback.