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Current Programs & Initiatives

Learn about projects and initiatives in progress at IT Services.

IT Services is continually working on the quality of our products and improvement of our services. Here are some of the projects and initiatives currently in progress across IT Services.

Enterprise Systems Renewal Program (ESR)

Enterprise Systems Renewal (ESR) is the largest process and technology improvement program ever undertaken at UC San Diego. It is designed to transform and streamline core business and administrative processes. As a multiyear program, ESR engages partners and departments across campus to meet the ever-changing needs of a growing university. 

Beyond the typical ERP components, ESR features unique elements including:

  • A DIY approach that relies on “expert sourcing” internal talent and minimizes the use of consultants 
  • Strategic organizational change management interwoven with traditional project management 
  • The Lean Bench, a collection of Lean Six Sigma experts to lead process improvement efforts

Return To Learn

UC San Diego’s Return to Learn program is multifaceted and involves regularly screening UC San Diego students, faculty and staff for the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19 in order to safely resume on-campus operations. IT Services plays a crucial role, including adapting the campus mobile app to read test vial barcodes, establishing Zoom-based tech support at testing locations, and contributing Lean Six Sigma expertise to process improvement components.  

Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma

A campuswide commitment to continuous improvement has engulfed UC San Diego. Over the past few years over 3,400 staff members have earned certifications in Lean Six Sigma (LSS), a methodology that prioritizes reducing defects and eliminating waste. For its efforts, UC San Diego was honored with a CIO 100 Award in 2020 for showcasing how IT leadership, business partnerships and customer engagement are shaping the future.

Process Palooza. Showcasing continuous improvement in action, Process Palooza celebrates UC San Diego’s commitment to business excellence, operational efficiency and continuous improvement. It’s a full-day, high-energy conference that leaves attendees with real lessons learned and actionable takeaways. What truly sets Process Palooza apart is The Great LSS Race. Teams go head-to-head putting their Lean Six Sigma skills to the test to improve real campus processes.