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DocuSign eSignature Solution

Learn about DocuSign eSignature services for the campus.

About DocuSign

DocuSign is UC San Diego's electronic signature solution, allowing faculty and staff to upload documents and send them to recipients for electronic signature via email.

UCSD Health Employees

Health Sciences has a separate DocuSign instance that supports HIPAA:


Submit this form to get a campus DocuSign account or connect with the DocuSign team on advanced topics.


DocuSign roles

  • Signers can sign documents, create and save signatures, and track the routing status of workflows in which they are identified as recipients.
  • Senders can send envelopes to others or be designated by a sender as a 'manage envelope' role and have the ability to change routing for subsequent recipients for a given envelope.
  • Form Manager can create forms (and also have all the access or senders and signers).

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DocuSign is available in a self-service model with Training and Support from IT Services. We strongly recommend training for any Form Managers, template senders and workflow managers.

If you would like to schedule a training session, send an email to

DocuSign Training Videos

DocuSign Tips

PowerForms which let you use URL to template

Note: This page has a friendly link that is easy to remember: