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TritonGPT Release Notes

Provides an overview of changes to TritonGPT.

Change Log

Changes to TritonGPT are documented below — they are searchable, listed chronologically, and can be sorted by each column.

TritonGPT Updates

Year Month What We Updated Description
2024 April 15 Authentication

TritonGPT now uses campus Single Sign-on for authentication. This replaces the previous authentication method which was the Google Authenticator. This deployment also included some minor user interface improvements.

2024 March 28 JD Helper

Enhancements and bug fixes to JD Helper: updated wording in the JD Helper flow to clarify what is needed in order to produce better outcomes in retrieving job cards. Enhanced JD Helper system prompt to provide more robust output. 

2024 March 20 TritonGPT

Launched production candidate that will support use by employees of campus and health sciences. Danswer enterprise code base and larger embedding model. User experience improvements. 

2024 February Hardware

Added additional hardware into the environment in perparation for campus launch. 

2023 October TritonGPT

Initial proof of concept version deployed and made available to over 400 pilot users.