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How to Buy Tax-Free Alcohol

If you are responsible for purchasing tax-free alcohol (ethanol, used for research), please follow the steps on this page.

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1. Become an authorized alcohol custodian.

  • Send an authorization letter to STORE through ASK or via intercampus mail to MC 0046, and include Attn: Tax Free Alcohol
    This letter should be on department letterhead and include:
    • The signature of the department chair.
    • The name and email of the person(s) to be authorized as the alcohol custodian(s).
    • The individual who submits the requisition for alcohol must be an authorized alcohol custodian.
  • See a sample of a Letter of Authorization (PDF).
  • Authorization letters must be renewed annually.


  • Alcohol custodians should be at least 21 years of age or older.
  • The use of ethanol in a laboratory by a minor should be supervised by someone at least 21 years of age or older.

2. Decide the type(s) of alcohol you need to buy.

  • STORE through Marketplace provides the following pre-packaged alcohol
    • 190 Proof, 5 gallon can – part # 0108
    • 200 Proof, 1 pint bottles/ 1 pack of 6 – part # 0109
    • 200 Proof, 4 – 1 gallon case – part # 0110
    • 200 Proof, 5 gallon can – part # 0111
    • 190 Proof, 4 - 1 gallon case - part #0107

3. Purchase and arrange for delivery of your order.

  • To have pre-packaged alcohol delivered, place your order with STORE through Marketplace.
    • Alcohol will need to be in a separate shopping cart.
    • Your order will be delivered  within three days of receipt.

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