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Voice Mail: Sending Messages

Learn how to send messages by voice mail.


The information on this page is for users who have not yet been transitioned to Microsoft cloud voicemail.
The default number for the voice mail message center is (858) 534-6245, but some users will need to call (858) 534-8000 to access their voicemail.

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1. Identify your message recipient(s).

  • Call the Voice Mail Message Center:
    • If you are on campus call 46245 (4-MAIL)
    • If you are off campus call (858) 534-6245 (534-MAIL)
      Note: Some users will need to call (858) 534-8000

To continue using Voice User Interface: (Say aloud)

  • "Personal Contacts" to find someone in your UCSD personal contacts
  • "Directory" to find someone in the UCSD directory

To activate the Touchtone interface:

  • Press 00
  • Press 5
  • Identify recipients by extension:
  • Enter an extension, listen for recorded name
  • Press #

Identify recipients by group(group names need to be in your personal contacts):

  • Enter a group name (last name first) then press # or list multiple groups separated by #
  • Press # to end the list.

2. Record your message.

  • Begin recording your message after the beep.
  • Press # to end your recording.

3. Send your message.

  • Hang up to send your message
  • Choose one of the following options:


1# Accept and Send
11 Accept and Mark with High Importance
12 Accept and Mark as Private
2 Replay
3 Erase and Re-record
4 Continue Recording
* Cancel
0 Repeat Menu

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