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Voice Mail: Accessing Your Messages

Follow these steps to log into and access the Voice Mail Message Center.


The information on this page is for users who have not yet been transitioned to Microsoft cloud voicemail.
The default number for the voice mail message center is (858) 534-6245, but some users will need to call (858) 534-8000 to access their voicemail.

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1. Call voice mail.

  • If you are using your campus phone and have new messages, press the flashing Message Waiting button to call automatically.
  • If you are on campus using a different phone, call 4-6245 (4-MAIL)
  • If you are off campus, call (858) 534-6245

Note: Some users will need to call (858) 534-8000

2. Enter your PIN

  • If you are calling from your campus phone:
    1. Enter your PIN and press #.
  • If you are calling from a different phone:
    1. Press * (star).
    2. Enter your extension and press #.
    3. Enter your PIN and press #.

3. Follow the voice mail prompts.

Voice mail will prompt you to choose an option from the Main Menu.


  • Voicemail
  • Calendar
  • Personal Contacts
  • Directory
  • Personal Options

To switch to TouchTone, press any number and then Press 1 (This will activate TouchTone)

Main Menu
Keys Option
1 Listen to voice messages
3 Hear calendar options
4 Find a contact
5 Compose a voice message
6 Change personal options
7 Turn off telephone greeting (that lets people know you're away)
0 Repeat menu

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