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How to Order Voice Mail Services

Use this step-by-step guide to order voice mail services.


The information on this page is for users who have not yet been transitioned to Microsoft cloud voicemail.
The default number for the voice mail message center is (858) 534-6245, but some users will need to call (858) 534-8000 to access their voicemail.

For assistance with CSR requests, contact the CSR Group, (858) 534-4277.

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1. Choosing a voice mail package

Consider which service meets your needs and those of your department.

  • Voicemail— Recording and storage of unlimited incoming messages that do not exceed eight minutes each
  • Broadcast only — A recorded announcement (five minutes maximum) only
Review the pricing.

2. Complete a Customer Service Request (CSR)

Complete a Customer Service Request (CSR) and submit it electronically to Telecom:
  • Provide the Email Address you want the voice mail box associated with
  • Telecom will contact you within 48 hours

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