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How to List Student Jobs

Find out how to list a campus student job in Port Triton for viewing by UC San Diego students.

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On-campus department staff must contact the Student Employment Office to schedule a training session before posting on Port Triton.

  1. Go to the Career Services Center website.
  2. Select Faculty and Staff from the tabs at the top of the page.
  3. At the drop-down, click Campus Login for Posting Jobs.
  4. Your username is your e-mail address. Your password was e-mailed to you. (Both are case sensitive.)

List a new job

  • On your home page, under "shortcuts", select Create Job Posting.
  • Never use the main toolbar "back" button. Only use the current page's "back," "return," or "home" option.
  • On the Job Postings page, complete the "fill in the blanks" template.


To obtain an account, username, and password (or to reset your password):
  1. E-mail the Student Employment Office.
  2. Follow the step-by-step instructions listed below.
  3. Job numbers are valid for hire for 60 days from the approval date or 60 days from the expiration date — whichever is later.

Create a new job listing

Complete required fields:

  • Position Title: Enter the working title and then the classification (Payroll title).
  • Position Type: If departmental funding, click On-Campus: Work-Study not required but may be used.
  • Position Type: If work-study only funding, click On-Campus Work Study required.
  • If your position is UC Funded please only select one of the two options above.
  • Position Location: Select either on-campus or off-campus
  • When you select one of these Position Types, the question: "Is this position an exception to open recruitment?" will appear, click Yes or No.
  • If yes update - Student Name, PID number, Near Relative and Justification.  Up to 25 students may be hired on the same exception request.  To add an additional student click, Add New Student.

Pay rate and job function

  • Enter the approximate hours per week required for the position.
  • Salary / Pay Rate: Enter the specific hourly pay rate. Do not enter a pay range.
  • Job Function: You may select one or more job functions as applicable to your position.

Duties and qualifications

  • Job Description: Describe the duties and tasks of the position.
  • Qualifications: Enter required, minimum and/or preferred qualifications a student must have to perform the duties of the position.  Aslo in this section you must always enter this statement: "Must pay UCSD Student Services fees each quarter working." 
  • If  your position requires "Work-Study" you must always etner this statement: " You must have yy/yy work study award in order to apply."

How to apply

  • Resume Receipt: Choose the option that works best for your department.  "Email" and "Accumulate Online" allows you to obtain resumes through Port Triton. Resumes accumulated on the Port Triton website can be accessed when the job is closed. These functions should only be used if the primary account holder will be reviewing resumes.  If the hiring supervisor will be reviewing resumes, click "Other" to enter application information in the "How to Apply" box; also include the near relative statement.  Note: If you select E-mail as a resume reciept option, only students with their resumes uploaded to their Port Triton profile will be eligible to apply to your position; they do not see the recipient's email address.
  • Near relative statement: If you have relatives employed at UCSD, you must include the name, relationship and department where employed in your resume and/or cover letter. This information is used only for the purpose of complying with the university’s nepotism policy.

Posting and expiration dates

  • Posting Date: Using the "select" button, enter today's or a future date you wish the job to be viewable to students.
  • Expiration Date: Using the "select" button, choose the date the job will close.

Work location

Location: Click Add Item, and insert the city, state, and country where the job duties take place.


  • UCSD Alumnus: Click Yes if you are a UCSD alumnus or No if you are not.
  • Click Submit.

View a new job listing

  1. Click on the job title you entered. You may edit the job posting if needed.
  2. Click on the Preview tab and print the job.

Log out

Always click the Logout button on the top right when you've finished entering or managing jobs.

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