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Campus Cards: Affiliate Categories

Find out if you meet the requirements for a UC San Diego Affiliate Campus Card.

Note: Affiliate Campus Cards can be used at UCSD libraries and for on-campus transportation. If you are a UCSD Affiliate and would like a Campus Card, consult your HR contact and read How to Get or Replace a Faculty and Staff Campus Card.

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Visiting scholar

Senior scholars or distinguished visitors who are pursuing collaborative research or advanced study at UCSD and are supported from sources outside the university.


A industry sector representative who works with a UCSD department, school, or divisions. Industrial affiliates may conduct work or research on campus, but do not receive UC compensation.


Someone who volunteers their services for a staff appointment without compensation, but is subject to the control or supervision of the university.

UC retired

A person who is officially retired from assigned duties as a staff or faculty member.

Academic retirees retain their title, along with the additional title of emeritus, as in "professor emeritus."

Visiting graduate

A graduate student registered at an educational institution outside the UC system.

Visiting graduates pursue research related to their degree program at UCSD with the approval of a faculty sponsor, the department chair, or organized research unit (ORU) director, and the associate dean of Graduate Studies.


Someone with a formal leadership role within a religion.

Clergy work both inside and outside formal houses of worship and occasionally participate in work at UCSD.


Spouses or children of staff or faculty members currently employed by UCSD.  Please note: Affiliates family members do not quality for this card.

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