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Customs Brokerage & International Freight Forwarding Services

Find contact information for Customs Brokerage & International Freight Forwarding Services.

Contact information

First: Always contact UCSD Shipping prior to processing shipments outside the United States. The Shipping Coordinator will advise you if you need to contact American Cargo Service (ACS) directly about your shipment.

Second: If the UCSD Shipping Coordinator asks you to contact American Cargo Service (ACS),use the information below:

American Cargo Service, Inc.
7886 Convoy Court
San Diego CA 92111
Local: (858) 565-4125
Toll free: (800) 508-4888 
Email: UC@acssan.com, Website: http://www.acssan.com


  • Exports: UCSD Shipping handles most outgoing shipments destined for foreign countries and then passes the shipment freight forwarding companies, where the items are cleared through U.S. Customs and booked with a carrier for transport.
  • Imports: Customs Brokerage & International Freight Forwarding companies can provide the following services:
    • Arrange transportation logistics for inbound domestic and international shipments. 
    • US Customs clearance services for incoming goods from foreign countries.
    • Notify departments when goods arrive into the USA.
    • Request payment and delivery information.
    • Deliver goods to UCSD Receiving.