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Field Operational Planner

Use the Field Operational Planner for university-sponsored research or field trips.

Planning a field trip for research or instructional purposes?

The Field Operational Planner helps you anticipate and prepare for contingencies and potential health hazards before you go.

Individual health issues, reasonable care, and proper planning and precautions are essential. If an insurance claim or lawsuit is filed against the university, the department may have to pay deductibles if there is gross negligence.

Field Operational Plans are generally intended for global researchers and classroom field trips. Images below are examples of hazards some SIO researchers face in the "field." (Click to enlarge.)

Organize your trip with the Field Operational Planner:

  • Trip description and UC contacts
  • Locations and local contacts
  • Communications
  • Medical and emergency considerations
  • Insurance and liability coverage
  • Safety and security requirements
  • Permits for people, data, and matériel
  • Transportation of people
  • Hazardous materials transport
  • Operational hazards
  • Leave of Absence approval
Example of hazards SIO researchers face in the fieldExample of hazards faced by SIO researchers in the field

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Field Operational Planner

Print and use the Field Operational Planner :

Give your safety coordinator and department administrator a copy of your plan before you go.

Please send a copy of your plan to an EH&S Field Safety coordinator for review. When a plan is submitted, the Field Safety coordinator will make recommendations for organizing a safe and productive trip.

Contact an EH&S Field Safety coordinator:

Research trips ehsrap@ucsd.edu (858) 534-7651 Mail Code: 0089
Non-research trips gensafety@ucsd.edu (858) 534-6027 Mail Code: 0920
Risk Management/Insurance ehsrisk@ucsd.edu (858) 534-3820 Mail Code: 0925

UCSD contacts and resources

Other travel resources

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Note: This page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/fieldsafety