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Chemistry-Biochemistry Incident Reporting Requirements

Report all injuries, illness, or hazardous material exposures in Chemistry and Biochemistry facilities immediately.

Report serious incidents immediately: Call 9-1-1

1. Secure the scene.

  • Secure access to the incident scene and preserve all evidence for no less than 24 hours.

2. Call Environment, Health & Safety immediately.

  • Call numbers in this order until voice contact is made:
Name Office Cell
Lance Scott (858) 534-7651 (858) 583-3267
Doug Harvey (858) 822-1579 (858) 583-3257
Garry Mac Pherson (858) 822-4923 (858) 232-2618
Jon Schmidt (858) 534-3782 (858) 583-3302

If unable to reach EH&S, contact UCSD Police: 9-1-1 or (858) 534-4357

3. File a Workers' Compensation Incident Report.

Use the online Workers' Compensation reporting form:

Special incident reporting requirements apply to every Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in the UC system, per the UC Laboratory Safety Settlement.