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PPE Support for Researchers

Find information about UC San Diego's laboratory PPE Distribution Program.

UC San Diego has a centrally funded PPE Distribution Program to provide labs with minimum personal protective equipment (PPE). Each eligible lab member will receive 2 lab coats and 2 pairs of safety glasses. Face shields and chemical splash goggles are available for labs by special request.

PPE Fitting Room

  • Location: University Center 401, Room 107
    Myers Drive & Rupertus Lane (find it on UCSD's MapLink)
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Contact: ehs-ppe@ucsd.edu, (858) 534-2698

See eligibility criteria and program details below.

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Eligibility for the PPE Distribution Program

Eligible lab members include:

  • Anyone assigned to UC San Diego research labs, as long as they will remain on campus for at least the next 6 months.
  • People who will be on campus less than 6 months may take part in the loaner lab coat program. Contact the EH&S PPE team at ehs-ppe@ucsd.edu for details.

Important: You must be entered on your PI's Personnel List in UCSD's Chemical Hazard Use Application (CHUA) to participate in the PPE Distribution Program.

If you are not a UCSD student or staff member (i.e., visiting scholars, volunteers, etc.), you must have a UCSD Business Systems (Single Sign-On) affiliate account. Contact your Department Security Administrator to request this.

For people not eligible for this program, PPE can be purchased on Marketplace or in the Campus Bookstore.

Note: Lab members may use other lab coats not provided by the PPE Distribution Program if the coats are in good condition and adhere to the PPE standard identified in the Laboratory Hazard Assessment process.

How to get fitted for lab coats and safety glasses

Read the "Eligibility for the PPE Distribution Program" section above to make sure you are eligible to participate in this program.

Follow the 3 steps below:

1. Download and complete the Embroidered Lab Coat Fitting form (PDF) (Word file). Type or neatly print the answers. Your form must be legible.

Embroidery requirements:
  • Embroidery must be your professional name, first name, and last name.
  • If you have an M.D. and/or Ph.D., you may choose to include it at the end of your name, or put Dr. in front of your name.
  • You may list other certifications after your name as long as it does not exceed 25 characters.
  • Nicknames are not allowed.

2. Have the form signed by either your lab manager, PI, or Area Safety Coordinator. The signature verifies that you are eligible for the PPE Distribution Program.

3. Bring your completed and signed form to UCtr 401 (find it on UCSD's MapLink), Room 107, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. — 3 p.m., to select and be fitted for your PPE.

Face shields and safety goggles special request

Labs can also receive face shields and chemical splash goggles by special request with the Face Shield / Safety Goggle Request form. This form must be completed by the PI or Area Safety Coordinator.

Lab coat laundry process

How the lab coat laundry process works

Any member of a UCSD research lab who uses or purchases a lab coat can use the free laundry program described below. However, to participate in this laundry program you must:

  • Be listed on your PI's Personnel List in UCSD's Chemical Hazard Use Application (CHUA)
  • Have each of your lab coats assigned to you in CHUA for laundering purposes

Participating labs receive pre-printed or pre-labeled envelopes. Use these envelopes to mail soiled lab coats to the laundry service via Campus Mail Services.

How to get your coat cleaned

Important: If a coat is potentially contaminated with hazardous chemicals, DO NOT send it in for laundering. Contact the EH&S PPE team at ehs-ppe@ucsd.edu for instructions.

  1. Get a pre-labeled laundry envelope from your Lab Manager or Area Safety Coordinator.
  2. Fill in the required information on the envelope label:
    • Name
    • PI name
    • Building
    • Room
  3. Fold and put your dry lab coat in the envelope. Seal it.
    • Send only 1 lab coat per envelope.
    • Do not put a wet coat in the envelope!
  4. Place the sealed envelope in any Campus Mail out-box or in a lab coat laundry mailbox (see locations below).

Your laundered lab coat will be delivered back to your lab within 2 weeks.

Need more envelopes?

Note: Lab coats must be laundered by a laundry service that adheres to Title 8, Section 5193 of the California Code of Regulations. Do not take them home!

Questions about delivery or laundering of your lab coat? Contact the EH&S PPE team at ehs-ppe@ucsd.edu.

Lab coat laundry mailbox locations

Coats sent for laundering must be in properly labelled envelopes (read the "Lab coat laundry process" section above for how to get your coat cleaned), and can be placed in any Campus Mail out-basket or out-box.

Additionally, mailboxes exclusively for the lab coat laundry program are available at these buildings:

  • Leichtag Medical Research Building - Inside in the small corridor off the main lobby
  • Medical Teaching Facility - Outside by the elevator and FedEx box
  • Pacific Hall - Outside by the south entrance and FedEx box
  • Powell Focht Bioengineering Hall - Outside by the southeast entrance off of Warren Mall
  • Ritter Hall - By the loading dock
  • Skaggs Pharmaceutical Science Building - Inside on the first floor back corridor near the loading dock

Items from these boxes are picked up once a week on Wednesdays.

Lab coat alterations

Contact the EH&S PPE team at ehs-ppe@ucsd.edu to arrange tailoring service if you need to have your lab coats altered.

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Note: this page has a friendly link that is easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/researchPPE