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Learn about upcoming Staff Education & Development classes and events.

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My UC Career Online Career Development Tool

My UC Career Online Career Development Tool

Staff Education & Development and Health Human Resources Learning & Organization Effectiveness Team have collaborated to launch the My UC Career online career development tool. In addition to our local programs and resources, this is a systemwide tool available to all University of California (UC) employees. Career development continues to be a focus area across all UC locations, and the portal helps employees to grow and advance their UC careers.

The My UC Career portal provides access to job openings at all UC locations via the Systemwide Job Board, as well as resources and tools to create and refine resumes, write cover letters, identify strengths, practice interviewing and find professional networking opportunities.

Addition to UC People Management Series and Certificate (effective February 15, 2018)

Addition to UC People Management Series and Certificate (effective February 15, 2018)

We are pleased to share with you about the newest course additions to the UC People Management Series and Certificate - the UC Managing Implicit Bias Series.

Launched in early 2017, the UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate is a program for all People Managers consisting of Core and Elective Courses, which include local and systemwide programs and eCourses, as well as in-person learning experiences. The certificate, recommended for all People Managers and those aspiring to a career in people management, builds on coursework that may have already been completed. The following topics are included in the People Management Series and Certificate: Performance Management, Managing Implicit Bias, Managing People, Administration & Operations, Change Management and Communications.

New for 2018 is the addition of the UC Managing Implicit Bias Series, which is made up of six self-paced, online interactive courses, ranging between 15-20 minutes each in length. The Series is designed to increase awareness of implicit bias, reduce its impact at the University, and further reinforce the University’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  1. What is Implicit Bias?
  2. The Impact of Implicit Bias
  3. Managing the Influence of Implicit Bias: Awareness
  4. Common Forms of Bias
  5. Managing the Impact of Implicit Bias: Mindfulness and Conscious De-biasing
  6. Managing Implicit Bias in the Hiring Process

These courses can be completed individually or together as a series to earn the UC Managing Implicit Bias Certificate. As a UC People Manager, being aware of implicit bias and how it impacts the way we work and interact with others is especially important. Therefore, this series is now a part of the 2018 UC People Management Series and Certificate core requirements.

If you are a formally designated supervisor/manager, completing the 2018 UC People Management Series and Certificate will make you eligible to attend the UC People Management Conference held later this year.

For more information, visit blink.ucsd.edu/go/ucpm.

Upcoming Classes and Trainings

Enhancing Quality Customer Service Skills

Tuesday, August 7, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Training Center North (Plaza Level, Torrey Pines Center-North)
Instructor: Justin Long
Fee: none
Keyword: enhance

Intended for: those who provide service to colleagues, students, faculty, staff or members of the public

This class will help you enhance your skills serving others. We all have customers, and working successfully with them is a vital part of our jobs. You will refresh your enthusiasm, meet other service providers, and pick up some practical tips to make your role easier and your service even better.

Topics include:

  • Understanding what customers want
  • Serving internal customers
  • Building good working relationships
  • Serving customers with problems 

To register, visit the UC Learning Center, and search by title or keyword. 

Effective Business Writing

Friday, August 24, 2018
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Training Center North (Plaza Level, Torrey Pines Center-North)
Instructor: Vanessa Puniak
Fee: $85
Keyword: EBW

Intended for: individuals who want their business communication to reflect confidence and professionalism

Learn effective business writing techniques during the interactive, content-rich and engaging course:
  • Tips to compose dynamic letters and e-mail messages
  • Strategies to improve grammar, spelling and punctuation
  • Opportunity to write, edit and critique various written materials

Please bring one or two writing samples to review during the course.

To register, visit the UC Learning Center, and search by title or keyword.


UC San Diego Performance Appraisal Process

Tuesday, August 28, 2018
8:30 -11:30 a.m.
Learning Center (Torrey Pines Center-South, Suite 265A; TPCS 265A)
Instructor: Linda Thai Schlossman
Fee: none
Keyword: UCSDperfappr

Intended for: supervisors and managers who conduct performance appraisals

In this course, you will learn how to conduct the performance appraisal process at UC San Diego. The following topics are covered:

  • Important considerations of performance appraisals
  • The process and timeframe
  • Tools and resources
  • Writing statements to support ratings
  • Understanding the ratings

To register, visit the UC Learning Center, and search by title or keyword.

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