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Desk Phones — Current Models

If you are selecting a new desk phone, check these current models for details.

Selecting your phone

Choose from 6 models of digital phones and 3 analog phone models currently available.

  • A digital phone usually has an electronic display and a speaker.
  • An analog phone typically has a standard 12-button keypad and perhaps 1 or 2 additional buttons.

Click the link above each image below for detailed information on each model:


DBC 213
DBC 214
DBC 215
DBC 212
DBC 223

DBC 224

DBC 225


Cortelco with light

Cortelco Basic Analog

Ordering your phone

After you decide on a phone, find out how to place an order and learn about installation fees.

Check Help with Desk Phones for additional information, including troubleshooting, how to get a calling card, and phone-related services such as Auto Attendant and teleconferencing.