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Computer Basics

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Find out how to choose, set up, and get help with your computer.

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Getting started

Getting help

  • Help With Computers: A variety of support resources are available to assist every level of computer user at UCSD. Find the resources you need for your computer solutions.
  • Help With Printing: If you have difficulty printing, check the following items for more information and possible solutions.
  • Care of Flat-Panel Computer Monitors: Learn about care of liquid crystal display (LCD) flat-panel monitors for desktop computers, with plastic screens that can be damaged much more easily than the traditional glass-screen monitors and require special cleaning procedures.
  • Configuring Your Computer: Learn how to set up your campus workstation or home computer to access UCSD resources, and find instructions for Windows and Macintosh applications supported by the ACT Help Desk.
  • Academic Computing & Media Services: Academic Computing & Media Services (ACMS) is grouped into several divisions to support the computing needs of the UCSD community. Find a brief overview and contact information for each ACMS area.
  • Standards for Computer Server Rooms: Use this checklist when you design or retrofit small to medium computer server rooms. This will help protect critical resources, especially during power failures, fires, floods, and other emergencies.

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