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Gift Acknowledgement

Find out how the Donor and Fund Stewardship Office can help you acknowledge every gift.

An effective donor stewardship program acknowledges a gift in writing in a timely, accurate, and gracious manner. Every gift to UC San Diego is acknowledged according to its level and type.

Receipt letters

Coordinates with Gifts Processing and departments to send a gracious acknowledgement with every gift receipt.

Acknowledgement letters

Prepares letters acknowledging major gifts on behalf of the vice chancellor External and Business Affairs and the chancellor in consultation with development officers.

First-time donor acknowledgement

Sends thank you letters (with magnet and bookmark) from the chancellor to first-time donors to UC San Diego.

Employer matching gifts

Sends postcards to notify donors when their employer pays a matching gift. Donors are also sent a reminder to initiate a matching gift from their employer if they have had a previous employer matched gift.

Honor and memorial

Monitors and reports on honor and memorial gift activity and contacts units to confirm that they are acknowledging honor and memorial giving. Donor and Fund Stewardship can help units produce honor or memorial acknowledgements if needed.