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Ergonomics: Stretches

Stretch to help prevent repetitive motion injuries and relieve the strain of standing or sitting for long periods.

Stretching refreshes muscles and nerves, relieving the strain of maintaining the same position for long periods of time. Use the stretching resources below to improve your workplace comfort, health, and productivity.

Don't just sit there!

Sitting is the most stressful of the 3 positions—standing, sitting, and lying down—that most people assume during the day.

If your job involves a lot of sitting, periodically get up, stretch, and walk around.

Stretching resources

Practice daily a couple of stretches featured in the resources below:

Download CtrlWORK Rest Break Software

CtrlWORK is software to help you work comfortably and efficiently with your computer. The software includes:

  • Automatic advice on settings: Tailors program settings to your work pattern
  • Interventions: Pop ups remind you to take a break, provide mental refreshment, training on shortcut keys, e-mail and time management, and how to perform exercises
  • Display settings: Let you choose the content you want to see
  • Profile settings: Let you choose the amount of assistance (interventions) you prefer
  • Feedback tab: Gives feedback on your working habits and advice about how to work more comfortably and efficiently
  • Advanced reports: Provides detailed statistics about your computer use
  • Time management and e-mail management course: Find more indepth information in PDF files in the Help Tab

Install CtrlWORK

Important: Ask your departmental systems administrator for permission before downloading this program.

Note: You will need administrator privileges for your computer to complete this process. For further assistance contact your IT representative.

  1. If RSI Guard Stretch Edition is still running on your computer, uninstall it first.
  2. Go to https://uc.cardinus.com.
  3. Fill out your employee ID number and select your organization. This information ensures only UC personnel install the software and that you get the correct installation file.
  4. CtrlWORK will send you an e-mail containing:
    1. A link to PDF instructions
    2. A link to download CtrlWORK
  5. Open and follow the PDF instuctions.
  6. A help video is available in the Help Tab in the CtrlWORK menu. Open the menu by double-clicking theCtrlWORK icon CtrlWORK help icon in the lower right part of your screen.

Install CtrlWORK's AutoClicker feature

Install CtrlWORK's AutoClicker program after installing CtrlWORK. AutoClicker is an automatic mouse clicking utility that automates screen mouse clicks at specified intervals and any location on the screen.

Note: You will need administrator privileges for your computer to complete this process. For further assistance contact your IT representative.

  1. Download AutoClicker.
  2. Save the file in a location you'll remember.
  3. Double-click on the file.
  4. Open the installation manual (PDF) and follow instructions.
Notice: Ergonomics information, training, and services are intended exclusively for UC San Diego employees and affiliates.