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Wellness Ambassadors Program

Learn about the Wellness Ambassador Program, created to form a health-minded work community here for all UC San Diego staff and faculty.

Wellness Ambassadors are

  • staff and faculty at UC San Diego that are health-minded and focused on fostering wellness in their respective departments.
  • individuals that want to create a culture of health and wellness with UC San Diego.
  • key to providing health and wellness ideas to improve the Wellness Program at UC San Diego.

Roles of a Wellness Ambassador

  • providing feedback on proposed wellness events at UC San Diego.
  • sharing health, fitness and wellness programs with their department.
  • promoting and communicating all of the upcoming Thrive at UCSD events to employees in their departments such as UC Walks, Maintain Don't Gain, and FitLife programs for faculty and staff. 
  • participating in wellness programs and activities in UC San Diego.

Benefits of becoming a Wellness Ambassador

  • connecting with other health and wellness-minded colleagues, expanding your network of folks who live a healthy lifestyle.
  • gaining information, materials, and tools in order to improve your own healthy lifestyle. 
  • providing a space to cultivate health and wellness within UC San Diego
  • being instrumental in fostering a healthy culture in your department and in UC San Diego as a whole.

Wellness Ambassador Responsibilities

Being a Wellness Ambassador is voluntary, but we do require a minimum of 1 hour per month commitment to become an ambassador. We ask that you let your supervisor know that you are a Wellness Ambassador and will need to commit to the minimum 1 hour per month requirement.

Ambassadors also need to attend quarterly lunchtime meetings that will be announced accordingly.

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