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Welcome to Walk UCSD, a fitness program for the entire UCSD community. Check out several walking-friendly (and in most cases, wheelchair-friendly) routes on campus, along with other resources for making the most of a regular walking regimen.

Keep track

  • Sign into Walk Log, and receive a free pedometer!
  • Use Walk Log to:
    • Set up and update your walking goals, mileage, and times
    • Track your walking progress


  • Use WalkLog to keep track of your steps, and receive rewards for hitting certain step/ mileage counts!

Find a route

  • See maps and descriptions for all walking routes.
  • Link to the route you want, print it out, and get moving!
  • See listings of local walking and walking-friendly events.

Walk UCSD is a UC Living Well eligible campus wellness activity. To receive 2,500 points, register and track 500,000 steps or 250 miles.