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Collective Bargaining Agreements

Find UC San Diego union contracts, listed by collective bargaining unit.

If you aren't sure which contract applies to you, click Titles in the "Title codes" column. On the Title Information page, enter your job title in the search field, then click Submit. You will see the bargaining unit for your job title.

Code Bargaining unit Union Effective date Contract expiration date View contract Title codes
CX Clerical and Allied Services CUE 12/13/2011 11/30/2016 Contract Titles
SX Service AFSCME 9/24/2013     -- Contract Titles
EX Patient Care Technical AFSCME 7/24/13     -- Contract Titles
NX Registered Nurses CNA 5/27/2011 6/30/2013 Contract Titles
IX Non-Senate Instructional AFT 10/17/2011 6/1/2015 Contract Titles
LX Librarians AFT 4/1/2008 8/31/2013 Contract Titles
TX Technical Unit UPTE-CWA 12/20/2013 9/30/2017 Contract Titles
RX Research Support Professionals UPTE-CWA 12/20/2013 9/30/2017 Contract Titles
HX Residual Health Care Professionals UPTE-CWA 3/30/2007 6/30/2011 Contract Titles
PA Police Officers FUPOA 10/17/2013 12/31/2016 Contract Titles
BX Academic Student Employees ASE/UAW 12/3/2010 9/30/2013 Contract Titles
K6 Skilled Crafts SETC-United 11/1/2012 9/30/2015 Contract Titles
M6 San Diego Housestaff San Diego Housestaff Assoc. 7/1/2012 6/30/2015 Contract Titles
DX Physicians, Dentists and Podiatrists UAPD     --     -- Contract Titles
PX Postdoctoral Scholars UAW 8/12/2010 9/30/2015 Contract Titles
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