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MyTravel Overview

Travelers, preparers, and approvers, see an overview on using MyTravel to create trips, request traveler/ vendor account, create payment, and report expenses.

Use MyTravel to claim all types of business travel, including when per diem applies for:

  • Long-term travel (30 days or more)
  • Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. possessions travel
  • Foreign travel

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See step-by-step instructions for Using MyTravel to create trips, request traveler/ vendor accounts, create payments, and report business travel expenses.


  1. The employee traveler or travel preparer logs into MyTravel, enters expense information, and submits the claim. If a travel preparer submits a claim on behalf of a traveler, the traveler will receive an email request to review and certify the claim.
  2. The travel approver receives an email request to review and approve the MyTravel submission using MyApprovals.
  3. Reimbursement for an event processed in MyTravel is issued via direct deposit to employees. Non-employees are reimbursed via paper check to their residence or direct deposit (if enrolled).


Traveler certification

Traveler certification of claimed expenses is accomplished electronically.

  • Travelers who complete their own claims in MyTravel certify the data during submission.
  • Travelers who have MyTravel claims completed for them by travel preparers receive a verification email with a unique URL for verifying the data. (This request is for the traveler only and should not be forwarded.) Be sure the traveler's email address is current in the system.
    • UC San Diego employee travelers:  Confirm, via email certification, the claimed expenses are accurate and the required receipts were provided to the appropriate departmental contact.
    • Non-UCSD employee travelers:  Do not certify their own travel, this is done by the travel preparer during submission.

Receipt guidelines

Once the required receipt(s) is uploaded, the attachment remains with the MyTravel claim online and departments are not required to retain an additional copy of the receipt(s).

Receipt review and certification are accomplished in MyTravel by:

  • Electronic certification to verify:
    • Expenses claimed are accurate.
    • Required, original receipts were provided.
  • Final approval by the travel approver of the expenses.


Travel approvers approve claims via MyApprovals, following the IFIS approval hierarchy for travel authorization. For travel authorization and encumbrance template (TRP):

  • The person with delegated authority to approve travel must be the final approver (Level 1). See MyTravel: Approver's Checklist.
  • The travel preparer is included in the template (Level 2).

MyTravel assesses risk conditions and flags some submissions for approvers. Examples of risk conditions MyTravel flags are:

  • Expenses over a certain dollar threshold
  • Missing receipts (to be sent for review and approval by the Director of UC San Diego Travel)
  • Travel durations that are different from what was preauthorized
  • Change to an index or account from what was encumbered during preauthorization
MyTravel claim without system-identified risk(s) MyTravel claim with system-identified risk(s)
Held in MyApproval for up to 7 calendar days for departmental approver review.
If the approver doesn't change the status within the 7 days:
  • The submission is processed (after 7 days).
  • Any reimbursement is issued.
If the approver changes the status to Approved before the 7 days have elapsed:
  • The submission is processed that evening.
  • Any reimbursement is issued on the next business day.
Held for review.

The submission is processed and reimbursement issued only after the departmental approver changes the status to Approved.

Based on the level of risk certain claims are routed to the travel office for approval.


Travel preparers and approvers, find details of processed MyTravel claims by using MyTravel Query.

For a simple search:

  • Enter the event (trip) number or Traveler ID (omit leading zeros and ending 'P').
  • Submit the query with default selections.
  • Click the event number that displays in the summary results to see full claim details.

For more in-depth research, explore the MyTravel query criteria and use drop-down menus to fit your research needs.

Note: For best results, limit criteria selected.

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Note: this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: http://blink.ucsd.edu/go/mytravel

Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).