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Pager Overview

UCSD offers employees two types and several styles of pagers. Read this overview, then make thechoice that's best for you.

In the right place? If you need a UCSD Medical Center pager with a (619) 290-XXXX number, call (619) 543-6444. Campus pagers have (858) 616-XXXX numbers.

Types of campus pagers

UCSD offers both word-messaging and numeric pagers. Word-messaging pagers display both text and numbers; numeric pagers display only numbers. Both types of pagers have these benefits:

  • No chargers or special batteries are required.
  • The monthly price includes the lease of the pager.
  • Abbreviated dialing is available for on-campus use.

Pager features

UCSD pagers offer a variety of special features, including e-mail paging, voice mail, and datacast.

Coverage areas

UCSD pagers offer basic coverage that extends as far north as San Luis Obispo. You can also add other areas, including:

Pager costs

Costs for monthly rates vary, depending on the type of pager and coverage you choose.

Ordering a pager

Check How to Order Campus Pagers for details.

Pager help

Returning a pager: Follow the directions for returning a pager to Telecommunications.

Lost, stolen, or damaged pagers: UCSD employees whose pagers are lost, stolen, or damaged beyond normal wear and tear will be charged a fee.

If you'd like the pager replaced, submit a Customer Service Request (CSR) to send your order to Telecom. The replacement pager will use the same number.