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Data Warehouse Overview

The Data Warehouse (DW) allows access to a read-only central repository of campus data, including data generated through the campus financial (IFIS), student (ISIS), and payroll/ personnel (PPS) systems.

Getting the data

  • HOPPER is a data repository within the Data Warehouse designed to function in a distributed client/ server environment. To access HOPPER, you must have adequate computer hardware, along with the proper underlying communications software, and campus Internet connection.
  • QueryLink is a Web-based tool that allows authorized staff to retrieve data without knowing a programming language.
  • SQL Executer is a Web-based method for accessing data within the Data Warehouse using SQL statements. You need to be proficient with SQL to use the Executer.

How the data is presented

  • Data Directory shows data models with table/column descriptions for HOPPER and some of the SQL-DSE (see Data Directory section of DataLink).
  • Data Refresh Information shows the last date/time a table was updated.
  • SQL-DSE Table Selection is system catalog information for a table including column and index information.
  • SQL-DSE Access Rights shows every table you, as an authorized user, can access (review your access right in AccessLinkTNG).

Keeping up with changes

  • E-mail notices are sent out with news about changes. You will be notified of database changes based on the access you have in AccessLinkTNG.