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Name: Role: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Linda P. Collins Assistant Vice Chancellor/Director 858-534-3333 lcollins@ucsd.edu
Lisa Meredith Associate Director 858-822-0749 lmmeredith@ucsd.edu
Ross Dammann Manager, Business Systems and Strategic Initiatives 858-534-0240 rtdammann@ucsd.edu
Karim Hussein Assistant Director 858-822-5180 khussein@ucsd.edu
Stella Sung Principal Contract and Grant Manager, Health Sciences 858-534-0244 shsung@ucsd.edu
Jeff Warner Principal Contract and Grant Manager, General Campus 858-534-6721 jswarner@ucsd.edu

Contract and Grant Staff

Name: Role: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
- Main Phone 858-534-3330 -
Kalina Aki MTA, Contract & Grant Analyst 858-534-8147 kaki@ucsd.edu
Fernan Balsalubre Senior Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-3334 fbalsalubre@ucsd.edu
Michael Brown Senior Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-2972 m2brown@ucsd.edu
Ernesto Donate COEUS Business Analyst 858-534-0242 edonate@ucsd.edu
Cynthia Escobedo Senior Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-8552 cescobedo@ucsd.edu
Molly Fashola Principal Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-0243 mfashola@ucsd.edu
Kimberly Galindo COEUS Business Analyst 858-534-1087 krgalindo@ucsd.edu
Lisa Gu Senior Contract & Grant/MTA Officer 858-534-0241 lqgu@ucsd.edu
Barbara Heironimus Contract & Grant Officer 858-822-6554 bheironimus@ucsd.edu
Derek Jackson Senior Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-1915 djackson@ucsd.edu
Trevor Johnson Principal Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-3332 tjjohnson@ucsd.edu
Mary Mansfield Principal Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-9482 mamansfield@ucsd.edu
Susanna Pastell Senior Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-4896 spastell@ucsd.edu
Oudone Sisanachandeng Contract & Grant Officer 858-822-2328 osisanachandeng@ucsd.edu
Elizabeth Tran-Nguyen Material Transfer/Proposal Specialist 858-246-2383 ttrannguyen@ucsd.edu
Frank Truong Principal Contract & Grant Officer 858-822-4645 ftruong@ucsd.edu
Ann Tsueng Principal Contract & Grant Officer 858-822-5808 atsueng@ucsd.edu
Patti Williams COEUS Business Analyst 858-534-8132 ptwilliams@ucsd.edu
Erin Zardouzian Principal Contract & Grant Officer 858-534-7278 ezardouzian@ucsd.edu

Business Contracts

Outgoing Subawards & MCAs, Unfunded Agreements, and UCSD-Provided Services

Name: Role: Phone Number: E-mail Address:
Sylvia Arrhenius Senior Contract Officer 858-822-1068 sarrhenius@ucsd.edu
Sabrina Teklezghi Principal Contract Officer 858-822-2901 sbakit@ucsd.edu
Karim Hussein Assistant Director 858-822-5180 khussein@ucsd.edu
Jennifer Leich Senior Contract Officer 858-822-6552 jleich@ucsd.edu
Sharon Mahan Intake Specialist 858-534-9990 slmahan@ucsd.edu
Marianna Meyer Senior Contract Officer 858-534-0247 mameyer@ucsd.edu
Sheila K. Paul Principal Contract Officer 858-534-7732 skpaul@ucsd.edu
Katherine Philbin Senior Contract Officer 858-246-0610 kphilbin@ucsd.edu
Katarina Tang Sponsored Research Analyst 858-534-4437 kktang@ucsd.edu

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