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Radiation Producing Machines (Non-Medical)

Learn more about requirements for non-medical radiation producing machines and users at UC San Diego.


Principal investigators who acquire or fabricate a radiation producing machine must notify Environment, Health & Safety. Personnel who operate the machine must be listed in the Machine Use Authorization (MUA) web application. A paper or electronic log of use shall be maintained for each machine (user name, date, kVp, mA, etc.).

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Notify EH&S of each machine

  • Notify Chris Comfort, 858-822-3566 — EH&S  must be notified within 30 days of acquisition of a radiation producing machine and before the machine is put into service.
  • Radiation Safety will schedule a time to perform an initial survey and to get info about the machine.
  • Once complete, PI and designated staff will be able to access the MUA web application.
  • EH&S will handle state registration paperwork for the machine(s). Current state imposed fee is $404.00/x-ray tube billed biennially. 

Manage Machine Use Authorizations (MUAs) via My Research Safety

Use the MUA application to update and track machine operators and their training as well as machines they are authorized to use. Also, use to add/change machine contacts for EH&S. Keeping an updated roster of machine operators is required by EH&S.

Attend required safety training

Make sure all people authorized to use the machine (including the PI) receive the online Research Radiography training before operating x-ray producing machines. Other relevant online training depending on machine type and use also available.

How to get the training:

Transfer, sell, repair or dispose of a machine

  • Notify Chris Comfort at 858-822-3566prior to transferring, moving, selling, repairing or disposing of a radiation producing machine. A survey is required after repairs or beam alignment are done to an x-ray producing machine.

Electron microscopes

  • electron microscopeThe State of California acknowledges that all electron microscopes are a reportable source of radiation; therefore, EH&S must register all electron microscopes. 
  • A radiation survey may be required on newly acquired electron microscopes; and if repairs or alterations have been done to a machine.
  • EH&S does not currently require annual radiation surveys for electron microscopes. 
  • EH&S does not currently provide or implement training when working with electron microscopes; however, PIs are responsible for making sure users are trained and that only authorized users can access electron microscopes.
  • EH&S does not currently require electron microscope users to be tracked with the MUA application.

Please see pages 44 and 51 of the Radiation Safety Manual (PDF) (Wordfor additional institutional requirements.

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Notice: Refer to the Radiation Safety Manual (PDF) (Word) for a detailed description of UC San Diego's radiation safety program.