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Graduate Major Codes

See a list of graduate major codes.

Note:  An asterisk (*) denotes that this major has been discontinued or phased out, and is no longer available to be added as a major.

Department or program Major codes Major
Anthropology AN75 Anthropology
AN77 Anthropology & Cognitive Science
AN78 Anthropology/Spec Anthropology
Audiology AU75 Audiology (joint doctoral with SDSU)
Bioengineering BE75 Bioengineering
BE77 Bioengineering with specialization in Bioinformatics
BE78 Bioengineering with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
BE79 Engineering Science (Bioengineering) Joint Doc SDSU
Bioinformatics program BF75* Bioinformatics
BF76 Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
BF77 Bioinformatics and Systems Biology with a Specialization in Biomedical Informatics
Biology BI77 Biology
BI78 Biology (joint doctoral with SDSU)
BI80 Biology with specialization in Bioinformatics
BI79* Biology with specialization in Computational Neurobiology
BI81 Biology with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
BI82 Biology with specialization in Anthropogeny
Biomedical Sciences BS75 Biomedical Sciences
BS76 Biomedical Sciences with specialization in Bioinformatics
BS78 Biomedical Sciences with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
BS79 Biomedical Sciences with specialization in Anthropogeny
Chemical Engineering CE75 Chemical Engineering
Chemistry and Biochemistry CH75 Chemistry
CH79 Chemistry and Physics
CH76 Chemistry (joint doctoral with SDSU)
CH77 Chemistry with specialization in Bioinformatics
CH78 Chemistry with specialization in Computational Science
CH80 Chemistry with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
Classics CA75 Classics (tri-campus doctoral with UCI, UCR)
Clinical Psychology CY75 Clinical Psychology (joint doctoral with SDSU)
CY76 Cognitive Science and Clinical Psychology
Cognitive Science CG75 Cognitive Science
CG84 Cognitive Science with specialization in Anthropogeny
Communication CM75 Communication
CM77 Communication and Cognitive Science
CM78 Communication (Sciences Studies)
Comparative Studies in Language, Society, and Culture CP75 Comparative Studies in Language, Society, and Culture
Computational Science, Mathematics and Engineering CU75 Computational Science
Computer Science and Engineering CS75 Computer Science
CS76 Computer Science (Computer Engineering)
CS77 CSE (Advanced Manufacturing)
CS78 Computer Science with specialization in Bioinformatics
CS80 Computer Science and Cognitive Science
CS81 CSE with specilization in Computational Science
CS82 Architectural-Based Entrpr Systems Engineering
CS83 Wireless Embedded Systems
Economics EN75 Economics
EN76 Economics and International Affairs
Education Studies ED81 Joint Education Doctorate with CSUSM
ED78 Master of Education
ED77 Teacher Education Program
ED79 Teaching and Learning
ED76 Teaching and Learning: Bilingual Education (ASL-English)
ED75 Teaching and Learning (Curriculum Design)

Electrical and Computer Engineering

EC83 ECE (Advanced Manufacturing)
EC75 Electrical Engineering (Applied Ocean Science)
EC76 Electrical Engineering (Applied Physics)
EC77 Electrical Engineering (Communication Theory and Systems)
EC79 Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering)
EC78 Electrical Engineering (Electronic Circuits and Systems)
EC85 Electrical Engineering (Electronic Circuits and Systems) and Cognitive Science
EC80 Electrical Engineering (Intelligent Systems, Robotics, and Control)
EC86 Electrical Engineering (Nanosale Devices and Systems)
EC81 Electrical Engineering (Photonics)
EC82 Electrical Engineering (Signal and Image Processing)
EC87 Engineering Science (Electrical Computer Engineering) Joint Doc SDSU
EC88 Wireless Embedded Systems
EC89 Wireless Embedded Systems
EC90 Electrical Engineering (Medical Devices and Systems)
Ethnic Studies ET75 Ethnic Studies
History HI75 History
HI76 History (Judaic Studies)
HI77 History (Science Studies)
International Relations and Pacific Studies IR75 International Affairs
IR76 Pacific International Affairs
IR77 Pacific International Affairs
Language and Communicative Disorders LC75 Language and Communicative Disorders (joint doctoral with SDSU)
Latin American Studies LA76 Latin American Studies
LA81 Latin American Studies (Cultural Studies)
LA79 Latin American Studies (Gender Studies)
LA77 Latin American Studies (History)
LA80 Latin American Studies (International Migration)
LA78 Latin American Studies (Sociology)
Linguistics LN75 Linguistics
LN78 Linguistics and Cognitive Science
LN79 Linguistics with specialization in Anthropogeny
Literature LT78* Comparative Literature
LT80* French Literature
LT81* German Literature
LT77 Literature
LT83* Literatures in English
LT82* Spanish Literature
LT84 Writing
Master of Advanced Studies Program AS79 Clinical Research
AS78* Clinical Research (SOM)
AS80* Clinical Research (SPPS)
AS82 Health Law (joint MAS with CWSL)
AS76 Leadership/ Health Care Organization
AS75* Leadership/ Health Care (SOM)
AS77* Leadership/ Health Care (SPPS)
AS81 Marine Biodiversity and Conservation
Rady School of Management RS76 Master of Business Administration
RS77 Master of Business Administration
RS78 Master of Business Administration
RS79 Management
Materials Science and Engineering MS76 Materials Science and Engineering
Mathematics MA76 Mathematics
MA75 Mathematics (Applied)
MA78 Mathematics with specialization in Bioinformatics
MA77 Statistics
MA80 Mathematics with specialization in Computational Science
MA81* Mathematics with specialization in Statistics
Mathematics and Science Education ME75 Mathematics and Science Education (joint doctoral with SDSU)
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering MC75 Engineering Sciences (Aerospace Engineering)
MC76 Engineering Sciences (Applied Mechanics)
MC77* Engineering Sciences (Applied Mechanics - joint doctoral with SDSU)
MC78 Engineering Sciences (Applied Ocean Science)
MC80 Engineering Sciences (Engineering Physics)
MC81 Engineering Sciences (Mechanical Engineering )
MC82 Engineering Sciences with specialization in Computational Science
MC83 Engineering Sciences with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
MC84 Engineering Sciences (joint doctoral with SDSU)
MC85 Medical Devices Engineering 
Molecular Pathology MO75 Molecular Pathology
Music MU75 Music
MU77 Music and Cognitive Science
MU76 Contemporary Music Performance
Nanoengineering NA75 Nanoengineering
Neurosciences NE75 Neurosciences
NE77 Neurosciences and Cognitive Science
NE78 Neurosciences with specialization in Computational Neurosciences (M.S./Ph.D.)
NE79 Neurosciences with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
NE80 Neurosciences with specialization in Anthropogeny
Philosophy PL75 Philosophy
PL76 Philosophy (Science Studies)
PL78 Philosophy and Cognitive Science
Physics PY76 Physics
PY75 Physics (Biophysics)
PY77 Physics with specialization in Materials Physics
PY78 Physics with specialization in Bioinformatics
PY79 Physics with specialization in Computational Science
PY80 Physics with specialization in Multi-Scale Biology
Political Science PS75 Political Science
PS76 Political Science & International Affairs
Psychology PC76 Psychology
PC78 Psychology & Cognitive Science
PC79 Psychology with specialization in Anthropogeny
Public Health PU75 Public Health (Epidemiology - joint doctoral with SDSU)
PU77 Public Health (Global Health - joint doctoral with SDSU)
PU76 Public Health (Health Behavior - joint doctoral with SDSU)
Scripps Institution of Oceanography SI76 Earth Sciences
SI77 Marine Biology
SI78 Oceanography
SI79 Geophysics (Joint Doc SDSU)
SI80 Earth Sciences
SI81 Marine Biology
SI82 Oceanography
SI83 Marine Biodiversity & Conservation
Sociology SO75 Sociology
SO76 Sociology (Science Studies)
SO78 Sociology and Cognitive Science
SO79 Sociology and Ethnic Studies
Structural Engineering SE75 Structural Engineering
SE76 Structural Engineering with specialization in Structural Health Monitoring, Prognosis and Validated Simulations
SE77 Engineering Science (Structural Engineering) Joint Doc SDSU
SE78 Structural Health Monitoring
SE79 Simulation-Based Engineering
SE80 Structural Engineering with a Specialization in Computational Science
Theatre and Dance TH76 Drama and Theatre (joint doctoral with UCI)
TH75* Theatre
TH77 Theatre and Dance (Acting)
TH82 Theatre and Dance (Dance Theatre)
TH78 Theatre and Dance (Design)
TH79 Theatre and Dance (Directing)
TH80 Theatre and Dance (Playwriting)
TH81 Theatre and Dance (Stage Management)
Visual Arts VA76 Art History, Theory, and Criticism
VA77 Art History, Theory, & Criticism with a concentration in Art Practice
VA78 Art, Theory, and Criticism with a Specialization in Anthropogeny
VA79 Art, Theory, and Criticism with a Concentration in Art Practice and a Specialization in Anthropogeny
VA75 Visual Arts
Health Sciences Major Codes MD80 Doctor of Medicine
PH75 Doctor of Pharmacy