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Glacier: Tax Withholding for Foreign Individuals

Foreign individuals receiving payment or benefits from UCSD must complete a Glacier record. The paying department is required to submit a Glacier Record Request Form to Payroll or Disbursements. Exceptions: permanent residents, refugees, asylees. All UC Campuses use Glacier to gather tax-related information from foreign individuals.

Process Overview

(for payments types that are entered in PPS*)

  1. Department completes the online Glacier Record Request Form (new as of 8/26/14)  for each new foreign payee at the time of hire or contract signing. 
  2. Payroll creates a Glacier record for the individual and emails Glacier access information to foreign visitor, and sends copy of that email to the department
  3. Foreign individual accesses Glacier using the information in the email, and then completes the Glacier record online (from any computer with Internet access) and prints the forms Glacier generates
  4. Foreign individual signs forms and mails them to Payroll with copies of specified immigration documents
  5. Payroll updates the EALN screen, facilitates tax treaties, and/or determines federal tax withholding rate

* The UCSD Disbursements Division manages Glacier for payments that are not entered in PPS. For more information, see MyPayments or contact Susselys Virgil (858) 534-5763.

For Administrative Employees in UCSD Departments:  Glacier and PPS Instructions and Links

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