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Statement of Work Examples

The examples on this page illustrate how you can complete your Statement of Work.

Background: A Statement of Work contains essential information regarding the work that will be performed by an independent contractor. Do not submit this document to Procurement & Contracts, but use it as a guide when you are completing the Statement of Work template on the High Value Purchase Requisition for professional or personal services. 

To help you format the Statement of Work, use the examples below.

Example 1 — Statement of Work for Personal Services
  1. Project scope: Provide technical writing services for the NOA project
  2. Period of performance: April 1 through June 30, 2002.
  3. UCSD project manager: P.I. Barnie Dunn.
  4. Title: NOA Grant #R01 43462-2
  5. Physical location: Work will be performed off campus at vendor's address.
  6. Supplies and equipment: No University supplies or equipment will be used.
  7. Payment rate: 50 hours @ $60.00 per hour
  8. Total not to exceed: $3,000.00.
  9. Payment terms: No discount, vendor will invoice bimonthly.
  10. Employee-vendor relationship: An employee-vendor relationship exists, Employee-Vendor Disclosure form faxed to Procurement & Contracts.
  11. Worker's citizenship: Vendor is U.S. Citizen.
Example 2 — Statement of Work for Professional Services
  1. Project scope: Provide applicant recruitment services designed to target under-represented groups, develop applicant pools for identified job groups, and promote UCSD as an employer of choice for diverse populations.
  2. Deliverables:
    1. Recruitment services report due 4/1/02
    2. Applicant pools per job group due 5/1/02
    3. Marketing promotion report/schedule due 6/1/02
  3. Period of performance: 1/15/02 - 6/30/02
  4. UCSD project manger: Assoc. V.C. Barnie Dunn.
  5. Title: n/a
  6. Physical location: Work will be performed on and off campus.
  7. Supplies and equipment: Vendor will use office computer/ supplies when working on campus.
  8. Payment rate: Flat fee $15,000
  9. Total not to exceed: $15,000.00.
  10. Payment terms: Vendor will invoice UCSD upon delivery of each deliverable.
  11. Employee-vendor relationship: Vendor is not related to, and has no past/ current affiliation with, any UC employee.
  12. Worker's citizenship: n/a.
Note: Many contractors provide a proposal or service agreement. Procurement & Contracts must review these documents before they can be included in the purchase order. You can't use these documents in place of a Statement of Work.