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Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD)


Find information about the Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD).

What we do

The Office for the Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination (OPHD) provides assistance to students, faculty, and staff regarding reports of bias, harassment, and discrimination. Our mission is to educate the entire UC San Diego community about these issues and to assist with the prevention and resolution of these issues in a fair and responsible manner.

OPHD is responsible for:

  • Providing a place where any member of the University community can submit a complaint of alleged bias, harassment or discrimination
  • Working with complainants, either directly or by referring them to other campus offices, to resolve complaints informally
  • Conducting fair and impartial formal investigations if informal resolution efforts are unsuccessful

OPHD is intended to supplement existing systems to respond to complaints about bias, discrimination, or harassment, to coordinate resources, and to provide a central point of contact for faculty, students, or staff. Staff members who wish to file a complaint of harassment or discrimination may continue to contact Equal Opportunity/ Staff Affirmative Action.

OPHD oversees UC San Diego's online reporting system for bias and hate incidents, ReportBias.ucsd.edu. Filing a report helps the University create a safe environment that supports the educational mission of the institution. In addition, unreported bias incidents can perpetuate continued bias and erode the campus climate. OPHD encourages everyone to "be the voice" for tolerance and respect.

OPHD oversees UC San Diego’s responsibilities for addressing complaints of sexual harassment, including its obligations under Title IX, and also provides a place where students and faculty can bring alleged complaints of other types of discrimination or harassment.


Learn more about harassment and discrimination prevention in these classes:

To learn more about mandatory training, visit the Mandatory Sexual Harassment Prevention Training page, or the OPHD website

More information

Find more information at the OPHD website or contact us at (858) 534-8298 or ophd@ucsd.edu.