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Paying for Local Conference Registration

Follow these guidelines to pay for a conference in the San Diego area.

When a UC San Diego employee attends a local conference, they are not on travel status (no lodging or meal expense is eligible for reimbursement). However, the attendee:

  • May request reimbursement for conference registration fees, mileage and parking costs (retain receipts)
  • May not claim subsistence expenses, such as lodging, meals and incidental expenses

A UC San Diego employee working at a conference (e.g., a/v support, setup/teardown) may be eligible for a lodging expense. 

Note: If official entertainment expenses are incurred, see guidelines for requesting reimbursement.

Follow the appropriate instructions for the payment method:

Payment Methods

  • If paying with your Travel & Entertainment Card, please reference this Knowledge Base Article.
  • If paying with a personal form of payment, please claim expenses on a Concur Expense Report. Please reference this Knowledge Base Article.

Can I pay for my conference registration with a Procurement Card?

Only under certain constraints. The conference registration must:

  1. Not have any other expenses that will be reimbursed in Concur.
  2. Not include any additional items in the cost such as lodging, meals, or welcome reception.
  3. Be for a student (Non-employee) or a non-employee of UCSD.
  4. Accepts credit card as the only payments method and is due within less than 3 weeks.

Reasons these constraints are in place:

  1. If the student has a valid employee ID they can be paid through Concur and they can also apply for a Travel & Entertainment Card
  2. The Procurement Card program is located in a different department from Travel who has their own set of policies and procedures.

*Using your Procurement Card to pay for conference registration when Travel expenses are incurred is a violation of policy.

Find answers, request services, or get help from our team at the UC San Diego Services & Support portal.
Notice: UC San Diego travel policy, as published in Blink, is decisive. It has been adapted to UC San Diego's organization, delegation of authority, terminology, chart of accounts and processing applications. The source for UC San Diego travel policy is UC Travel Policy and Regulations (PDF).