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DocuSign: Adding Recipients to Your Envelope

Learn how to add recipients to the envelope you've created in DocuSign.

When you add a recipient to an envelope, you must assign them a recipient action. An envelope must have at least one Signer or Acknowledge receipt recipient.

The routing order sets the workflow order in which recipients receive and can act on documents in the envelope. Recipients with the same routing order receive and can act on envelopes at the same time (in parallel), while recipients with different routing orders receive and act on envelopes in sequential order.

Add recipient(s) to the envelope

 There are multiple ways to add recipients to an envelope:

  • Click Add Signer to add the recipient to the list with a Sign recipient Action or click Add CC to add the recipient to the list with a Receive a copy recipient Action:

    Recipeints screenshot
  • Sending a Bulk Recipient file: If your account is enabled to send bulk recipient files, you can upload a file with multiple recipients.
  • To add recipients from your DocuSign Address book:
    • Click the address book icon. 
    • Select the recipients you want to send the envelope to. 
    • Click Add.
    • All the selected names are added with a Sign recipient Action.
  • Adding recipients for a template: If you are sending an envelope from a template, there are placeholders for the recipients already added to the envelope. Replace the placeholder recipient Email and Name information with the Email and Name of your recipient.

Sending to yourself

You can add yourself as a recipient by clicking the Add Me link. Your information is added to the recipient list with a Sign Action. Adjust your Action and other settings as needed.

How to identify a recipient (optional)

  1. Click on the Identify list to select the authentication options you want to use for the recipient:

    Identify screenshot

  2. By default, Email identification is selected. Other authentication options include: Access Code, SMS Authentication, Phone Authentication, ID Check, Live ID, and Social.

Recipient actions

A recipient must be assigned one of the following recipient actions.

  • Needs to Sign: Recipient must complete the required fields added to the document.
  • In Person Signer: DocuSign account holder hosts the signing session for the recipient.
  • Receives a Copy: Recipient receives a copy of the document, with no further action required.
  • Needs to View: Recipient must open and view the document.
  • Specify Recipients: Recipient can fill in the name and email address of the role recipients who are at their same position or later in the document signing order.
  • Allow to Edit: Recipient can make recipient and document changes (correct) to an in process document.
  • Update Recipients: Recipient can edit recipient details for any remaining recipients in the document signing order.

Set envelope routing order

If you have multiple recipients, you can change the routing order in which the recipients receive the envelope and perform signing and other activities. To set routing order, type the Order in which your recipients receive and sign the document.

Alternately, if you have already set the order for some recipients, you can click on the grip icon (Grip icon) associated with the recipient and drag them to the new order. The Order number for the recipient is automatically updated.

You can remove a recipient by clicking the remove icon associated with that recipient.

You can see a graphical representation of the routing order for your recipients by clicking the Order Diagram link:

Order diagram

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