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Mailman: For Mailing List Administrators

Mailing list administrators, learn about the the Mailman application.


UCSD uses the Mailman program, which lets you manage mailing lists and subscriptions via webpages. Using Mailman, you can configure hundreds of options for any mailing lists you manage. It automatically reduces spam and keeps mailing lists clean. Central service machines maintain Mailman mailing lists for all UCSD users.

Getting Started

Advanced Topics


All Mailman lists must have at least one owner who is a current UC San Diego student, faculty, or staff and have an @ucsd.edu email address listed.

If a Mailman list is inactive for a period of one year, it will be removed from the server.

Mailman owners agree to properly maintain their lists. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Removing invalid member email addresses at least weekly
  • Tending to held messages or subscription requests at least weekly
  • Limiting the amount of spam that is distributed to list members

These procedures are important because they help keep email flowing smoothly and keep us from being blacklisted as a source of spam. If list owners do not follow these procedures, they risk having their list disabled. Information Technology Services will issue advance warning to list owners before disabling the list. However, if a list is not properly maintained and causes us to be blacklisted, the list will be disabled immediately.